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Jazz-Fusion: Blue Notes and Purple Haze by Ken Trethewey is our most recent publication (2016) and was specifically revised to keep it completely up-to-date. It is a great introduction to anyone who wants to know about jazz and jazz-fusion. What is Jazz? Who is Miles Davis? Find out by reading this book.

John McLaughlin: The Emerald Beyond by Ken Trethewey. John McLaughlin is probably the greatest jazz guitarist alive today. He continues to perform each year with his band, the 4th Dimension. This book is a third edition, fully up-to-date and available in a beautiful strong paper binding in A5 size.

The Brecker Brothers: Funky Sea, Funky Blue by Ken Trethewey is a book that provides a unique record of the entire careers of two great jazz musicians, Randy and Michael Brecker. The book was written with the help of Randy Brecker who was pleased with the book when it was finished.

Miles Davis: Dark Prince by Ken Trethewey is a fully comprehensive catalogue of the whole of the career of this musician regarded as the greatest jazz musician of all. The books contains a very full discography showing the contents of almost all of Miles's records.

Herbie Hancock: Blue Chip Keyboardist by Ken Trethewey is a complete listener's guide to the recordings of this great jazz musician - the only one ever to have been awarded the Grammy - Record of the Year!

Pat Metheny: The Way Up Is White by Ken Trethewey is the second edition of this great book about a very popular musician who has impacted the wider world beyond jazz. Why not read this book to discover a whole new world of music?

This is a popular book that describes the careers of Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul, and of their famous band, Weather Report. There is also significant discussion of the contributions and career of the great bass player, Jaco Pastorius.